Terms of service

These Terms of Use (hereinafter, "Terms of Use") stipulate the terms of use of the service (hereinafter, "Service") provided by Mr.circulate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, "Headquarters") on Promelo. Registered members (hereinafter referred to as "members") are required to use this service in accordance with this agreement.

Article 1 (Applicable)
1 This agreement shall be applied to the fee related to the use of this service between the member and the headquarters.
2 The Headquarters may make various provisions (hereinafter, "individual provisions") regarding this service, such as rules for use in addition to this agreement. These individual provisions shall form part of this agreement regardless of their name.
3 If the provisions of this agreement contradict the provisions of the individual provisions of the preceding article, the provisions of the individual provisions shall prevail unless otherwise specified in the individual provisions.

Article 2 (Registration)
1 In this service, if the applicant for registration agrees to this agreement, applies for usage registration by the method specified by the headquarters, and the headquarters approves this, the usage registration shall be completed.
2 The headquarters will not approve the application for usage registration if it determines that the applicant for usage registration has the following reasons. We shall not be obliged to disclose the reason. I. When false matters are reported when applying for registration of use II. When the application is made by a person who has violated this agreement III. Other headquarters Judges that the usage registration is not appropriate

Article 3 (Prohibited matters)
Members must not do the following when using this service
1 Acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals
2 Acts related to criminal acts
3 Acts that infringe copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights included in this service, such as the content of this service
4 Acts that destroy or interfere with the functions of the headquarters or other third party servers or networks
5 Acts of commercial use of information obtained by this service
6 Acts that may interfere with the operation of the services of the headquarters
7 Unauthorized access or attempting this
8 Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information about other users
9 Acts of using this service for improper purposes
10 Acts that cause disadvantage, damage, or discomfort to other members of this service or other third parties
11 Acts of impersonating another user
12 Advertising, advertising, solicitation, or business activities on this service that are not licensed by the headquarters
13 Acts that directly or indirectly benefit antisocial forces in connection with the services of the headquarters
14 Other acts that the headquarters deems inappropriate

Article 4 (suspension of provision of this service, etc.)
1 The Headquarters may suspend or suspend the provision of all or part of this service without prior notice if it determines that there is any of the following reasons: I. System related to the service When performing maintenance inspections or renewal II. When it becomes difficult to provide this service due to force majeure such as an earthquake, lightning strike, fire, power outage, or natural disaster III. When the system or communication line, etc. is stopped due to an accident IV In addition, when the headquarters determines that it is difficult to provide this service
2 Headquarters shall not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the member or a third party due to the suspension or interruption of the provision of this service.

Article 5 (Usage restrictions and deregistration)
1 The Headquarters may restrict the use of all or part of this service or cancel the registration as a member without prior notice if the member falls under any of the following. If any provision of the agreement is violated I. If it is found that there is a false fact in the registered items II. If there is a default of payment obligations such as fees III. Response to the contact from the headquarters for a certain period of time If there is no Ⅳ. If there is no use of this service for a certain period of time from the last use Ⅴ. In addition, if the headquarters determines that the use of this service is not appropriate
2 Headquarters shall not be liable for any damages caused to members due to acts performed by Headquarters based on this article.

Article 6 (Denial of Warranty and Disclaimer)
1 Headquarters has a de facto or legal defect in this service (safety, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, fitness for a specific purpose, security defects, errors and bugs, infringement of rights, etc. We do not guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, that there is no such thing.
2 Headquarters does not take any responsibility for any damage caused to the member due to this service. However, if the contract between the headquarters and the member regarding this service (including this agreement) is a consumer contract stipulated in the Consumer Contract Law, this disclaimer shall not apply.
3 Even in the case specified in the proviso of the preceding paragraph, the Headquarters shall be responsible for default due to the negligence of the Headquarters (excluding gross negligence) or damages caused to the member due to tort (Headquarters or Member) Does not take any responsibility for foreseeing or foreseeing the occurrence of damage). In addition, compensation for damages caused to members due to default or illegal acts due to the negligence (excluding gross negligence) of the headquarters shall be limited to the amount of usage fee received from the member in the month in which the damage occurred. Regarding the service, we shall not be liable for any transactions, communications, disputes, etc. that occur between the member and other members or third parties.

Article 7 (Changes in service content, etc.)
The headquarters may change the contents of this service or discontinue the provision of this service without notifying the members. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the member due to this.

Article 8 (Change of Terms of Service)
Headquarters may change these Terms at any time without notifying the user if it deems it necessary. In addition, if you start using this service after changing this agreement, the member concerned shall be deemed to have agreed to the changed agreement.

Article 9 (Handling of personal information)
The headquarters shall handle personal information acquired by using this service appropriately in accordance with our "privacy policy".

Article 10 (Notification or Contact)
Notification or communication between the headquarters and members shall be made by the method specified by the headquarters. The headquarters considers the currently registered contact information to be valid unless the member notifies the change according to the method separately determined by the Company, and notifies or contacts the contact information, and these are the members at the time of transmission. Is considered to have reached

Article 11 (Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)
Members are prohibited from transferring the status under the usage contract or the rights or obligations based on this agreement to a third party or providing it as collateral without the prior written consent of the headquarters.

Article 12 (Court of Jurisdiction)
The Saitama District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for all disputes arising from this agreement.

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Mr.circuiate Co., Ltd.

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